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Jim Smart's hilarious HYPNOSONG show is available for theatre and television bookers as well as for clubs, hotels & corporate events, where YOU could be the star for a night!


The HYPNOSONG Show is a unique hypnotic performance and includes a mix of music, comedy and hypnosis featuring the "singing hypnotist" with hilarious outcomes. The show involves the onstage voluteers performing various routines under hypnosis whilst the hypnotist sings. 

Come with us on an exciting and exhilarating journey to the inner depths of your sub-conscious mind, where dreams and reality are intertwined. You could be transformed into a superhero, become a secret agent, audition for X-Factor, take part in I'm A Celebrity trials, or simply just get highly intoxicated on fresh air.

Whether you decide to take part on stage, or simply want to watch the fun, don't miss the exciting and hilarious HYPNOSONG show!!

The show is not vulgar or distasteful in any way and strictly abides by the 1952 Hypnotism Act and 1996 government review. Jim has full public liability insurance which covers his performances as a stage hypnotist. With 22 years experience, you can be assured of a first class performance SECOND TO NONE! James Smart is a member of Equity and The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists

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